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Shipping & Return Policy


Option 1: Order via Hotline/Zalo

Call or contact Zalo number: 090 346 1297 or Hotline: 096 344 6097 from 9:00 to 20:00 to order, our company is always ready to serve you.

Option 2: Buy directly at the store

– You go directly to our address or search "Ngoc Thanh Son Tea" on Google Map, you will be directed to the place.

  • Store: No. 541, Bat Block, Thach Ban, Long Bien, Hanoi


– If possible, we cordially invite friends and tea enthusiasts directly to the shop to enjoy tea and choose.


Method 3: Order directly on the Website

  • Step 1: You visit our wesite at: then you choose the product you want to buy. If you have any questions, please chat with us directly in the "Talk to us" section of the homepage for guidance and answers to questions.

  • Step 2: You click the order button and follow the instructions of the system, in this step the system will ask you to fill in your personal information, address and phone number so that the delivery staff can contact you when delivering. row.

  • Step 3: The order will be delivered by us to the shipping unit and will be delivered to the address you requested.


-   We allow customers to review, supplement, modify and confirm transaction content before using the online ordering function to submit a contract proposal.
   The Client is allowed to read and express his or her own consent to the general trading conditions before submitting an offer to enter into a contract.
   We publish on the website the policy on privacy of payment information for customers on the website.

Option 4: Order directly via Shopee, Lazada, Tiki

You can find "Ngoc Thanh Son Tea" or please visit the e-commerce pages of Ngoc Thanh Son Tea here:

Shopee: Tra Ngoc Thanh Son Official
Lazada: Ngoc Thanh Son Tea
Tiki: Ngoc Thanh Son Tea

Grabmart: Ngoc Thanh Son Tea


- We only accept orders when providing accurate information about address, phone number, and have been paid in full. For orders over 5 million VND, please call Zalo at the hotline number on the website for meticulous and detailed instructions, carefully discuss the terms of the contract before ordering and enjoy Dealer-level incentives.

- For overseas customers like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, please find us on Shopee. We are already present on Shopee Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia.

For customers located outside these countries, please contact the hotline/zalo/chat directly on the Website section "Talk to us" for instructions on how to purchase separately.


I. Cash on delivery

  • If you are in a remote province, we will use the delivery and collection service of the post office, specialized shipping and receiving units to deliver the goods to your home.

  • The customer pays the delivery staff after receiving the correct quantity and type of goods.

  • We always have delivery and collection units nationwide.

  • Free delivery in inner districts of Hanoi city for orders from 500,000 VND.


II . Payment via bank transfer

Customers living far away can choose to pay in advance via the bank's ATM service. We will then send the goods to you through the freight service.

You pay with the following bank information:

Bank name: Vietnam Prosperity Bank VP Bank

  • The Hanoi branch

  • Account Holder: NTS TEA CO LTD

  • Account Number: 944654666

Along with the wire transfer message, clearly state the customer's name.

III. Payment via e-commerce websites:

You will pay directly for Ngoc Thanh Son Tea through Shopee, Lazada, Tiki.


I. Cash on delivery to place orders via Hotline or Website

1. In case of delivery in 2-3 working days in the inner cities of Hanoi:

  • Order < 500,000 VND: ship 40,000 VND

  • Order >= 500,000 VND: free shipping

Delivery via delivery units (J&T, Fast Delivery, ...) for cash on delivery.

2. In case of delivery outside the province and suburban districts of Hanoi:

  • Orders < 500,000 VND: Ship 40,000 VND

  • Order >= 500,000 VND: Ship 50,000 VND

  • Orders >= 5,000,000 VND: Ngoc Thanh Son Tea supports 50% shipping fee (Agent)

Delivery via delivery units (J&T, Fast Delivery, ...) for cash on delivery.

3. In case of urgent delivery in Hanoi's inner city ( urgent delivery within the day )

(Using Grab and Shopee Express Instant services, cash on delivery)

  • Shipping fees are charged by Grab and Shopee Express Instant, depending on the delivery distance and weight of the goods.

Depending on the distance and the amount of goods compared to the shipping cost, customers can get FREE SHIP from orders of 1,000,000 VND or more for customers within Hanoi.

II. Cash on delivery for orders via Shopee, Lazada, Tiki

Customers will be charged according to the system of Shopee, Lazada and Tiki. We have a lot of codes and free shipping vouchers for orders from 50,000 VND.


Tea is a food and beverage product, so our product does not have a warranty policy.

Please note the production date and shelf life information printed on the product packaging. Do not use the product beyond the expiry date.

Very pleased to serve you!
Thank you for trusting and choosing Tra Ngoc Thanh Son!


Customers are entitled to free exchange or 100% refund within 5 working days (excluding Saturday Sun) from the date the customer receives the goods through the purchase method on the Website if there is an error caused by the manufacturer. such as past expiry date, wrong delivery of tea and quantity of tea. Please contact us.


  • Store: 541 Bat Block, Thach Ban, Long Bien, Hanoi

  • Hotline/Zalo: 090 346 1297

  • Email:

  • Website:

Ngoc Thanh Son Tea reserves the right to refuse to return goods or products if Ngoc Thanh Son Tea finds out unreasonable and illegal return requests, or failure to comply with the terms published on the Website. Please read the terms carefully before purchasing.

For customers who buy goods by method on the e-commerce floor, the e-commerce floor will have its own return and refund policy of each e-commerce site.


Purpose and scope of information collection

Basic customer information is collected only for communication, delivery, user manual and customer care.

Scope of information use

For internal use only, we send user manual and customer care.

Information storage time

1 year since the customer requested no more contact.

Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information

Our company office address: 541 Bat Block, Thach Ban, Long Bien, Hanoi.

Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal data.

Any request for correction, please send email to to request correction of personal data.

Committed to protecting customer's personal information

All customer data information will not be disclosed to the outside and only used for the Company to take care of customers.

Very pleased to serve you!

It is our honor to serve you. Thank you very much for always trusting and supporting Ngoc Thanh Son Tea!

Website is owned by:

Ngoc Thanh Son Tea Company Limited


Tax code: 0108376262

Place of issue: Hanoi, July 25, 2018

Certificate of business registration see

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