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Introduction Letter - Our Story

Mission to bring the essence of Vietnamese Tea to the World

Ngoc Thanh Son Tea Company Limited is a supplier of green tea, oolong tea and jasmine tea. We have green tea manufacturing facility equipped with modern technology in Phu Tho province, one of the most renowned regions of Vietnam in the tea export industry. Currently, we own more 10 hectares of green tea hills planted under strict VietGAP standards.



In addition, we only purchase the best tea buds from all over the country such as Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Northwest mountainous areas, ... through strictly quality controlled standard so we can deliver the best to our consumers. Therefore, we are confident that we can supply  quality tea to our beloved customers.

Seeing the developing potential of Vietnamese tea industry, we aspire to bring the essence of Vietnamese tea to Vietnamese consumers and international friends around the world.

The company's main business areas:


1. Supplying high quality green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea and black tea for domestic market. Currently, we have 5 main tea lines: Golden Daylily Oolong Tea (Milk Oolong), Four Seasons Oolong Tea, Six Jade Tea (Ngoc Thanh Son Exclusive), Jasmine Tea, Black Tea. Click here to buy.


We can distribute tea domestically in large quantities (wholesale) and retail to tea houses, coffee shops, milk tea shops, hotels, restaurants, product distributors, supermarkets, and wholesalers. To see the suitable cooperation method and the best tea price for you, please go to the "Become local distributor" section on the homepage.

2. Selling corporate tea gift products with unique designs based on  customized requests. Click here to buy.

3. Our long term vision is exporting green tea and jasmine tea around the world, especially green tea. We can supply high quality green tea with a 2000 square-metre green tea manufacturing facility located in Phu Tho province with sources directly from our 10-hectar tea hills. We look forward to connecting with Vietnamese and foreign partners as well as investors to bring Vietnamese tea to the world. Click here for company profile.

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