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Oolong Four Precious Spring (Si Ji Chun 四季春) - The pride of Taiwan

Oolong Si Ji Chun 四季春 - What makes the legendary fame of one of the three teas that are said to be the pride of Taiwan?

Four Precious Spring Oolong Tea is one of the most premium and expensive Oolong teas on the market today. Four Precious Spring Oolong Tea impresses with its sweet aroma, subtle scent of magnolia flower in spring. When brewing the tea has a greenish yellow color, the tea taste is mild but not harsh, the sweet aftertaste blends with the characteristic scent of magnolia flowers, mixed with sweet honey flavor.Therefore, people also use another name to call this tea - "Four Spring", giving the drinker the feeling that every day is a spring day, full of beautiful sunshine and floral scent. Four Precious Spring Oolong Tea, if harvested in the spring, is the best quality tea, due to its deep sweetness and more intense aroma compared to tea leaves harvested at other times of the year, hence the name Four Precious Spring Oolong Tea.

In Vietnam, this tea variety is purchased by Ngoc Thanh Son Tea in the Northwest high mountainous area. Characteristic of the Oolong tea strain, each tea ball is strong, heavy, similar in size and has a small, slender "dragon tail". Oolong tea is processed and produced qualified to be exported to the most high-end and demanding tea market - Taiwan.

Like bringing the audience into a spring garden full of fragrant flowers and chirping birds, the cool and refreshing feeling of Four Precious Spring Oolong Tea will not disappoint the hearts of tea lovers.


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