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Lotus green tea, the scent of Vietnamese summer - Ngoc Thanh Son Tea

Do you know why lotus tea is chosen to welcome heads of states and important politicans from other countries visiting Vietnam? 🥰🥰

Lotus tea for many years has been the quintessential gift of Hanoians.

Each year, tea artisans can only produce enough tea to sell to their VVIP customers, because to make 1 kg of premium lotus tea marinated from lotus rice needs 1,000-1,200 lotus flowers, through 7 times of marinating process.

Therefore, not everyone is able to enjoy this type of precious tea that is both acrid yet sweet, flavorful and has the elegant aroma of summer lotus.

For lotus tea marinated directly in fresh lotus, the artisan must also be extremely skillful and meticulous to select the freshest lotus flowers at the beginning of the season. Lotus flowers must be picked before dawn; if it is too late, the fragrance will no longer be fragrant, and when marinated, the tea will also lose its inherent delicate taste.

Choosing the right type of green tea to marinate with lotus also requires a lot of work, because not all teas are suitable and able to fully preserve the essence of the fragrance of Vietnamese lotus.

Therefore, even though it has the most expensive price in the market, there will always be people who love and seek to enjoy this type of premium tea that is the presentation of the national spirit of Vietnamese charm.

The artisans of Ngoc Thanh Son Tea hand-crafted the first batches of lotus tea, in order to pack the quintessential flavor of the whole Vietnamese summer into fresh green tea buds.

We invite you to enjoy the Vietnamese summer scent with Ngoc Thanh Son Tea!🥰💚


Instagram: @ngocthanhsontea

Showroom: 541 Bat Khoi, Thach Ban, Long Bien, Hanoi.


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