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Enjoying tea at the end of Spring

Currently, the weather has entered the period of 穀雨 (Vietnamese: Coc Vu), which means that spring has come to an end for heaven and earth to transform into summer. Tea harvested in this period is called 穀雨茶 (Coc Vu Tea), also known as the famous spring tea (Nhi xuan tra).

Spring is only 2 short weeks left this year. Coc Vu - with Vu (雨) is the rain, Coc (穀) is the grain. In this weather, rains appear a lot, all plants flourish, it is a beautiful time for sowing grains.

This is the last tea of ​​spring. The qi of the Coc Vu- the qi is mild, the weather gradually warms up, the humidity of the air increases, making the amount of amino acids in the tea high, the buds and leaves of the tea plump, the fragrance pleasant, and the water sweet. This is the most beautiful time to enjoy the essence of Spring.

From ancient time, spring green tea is a delicacy. Tea-picking is the most important in the two periods: Thanh Minh (清明) and Coc Vu (穀雨), because these weather are the pure quintessence of Heaven and Earth.

We invite you, our beloved customers to enjoy a cup of fragrant tea in Coc Vu weather with Ngoc Thanh Son Tea!


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