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Ngoc Thanh Son Tea is about to launch a tea bag product line inspired by auspicious cloud patterns

Tea bags are a potential market as well as many challenges for Vietnamese manufacturers. Currently in the market, Ngoc Thanh Son Tea sees a development opportunity because there are no clean, high-quality, and high-quality tea bags on the market that carry the national brand of Vietnam.

Inspiration of tea packaging design

Talking about the origin of tea, there is a legend about the God Shen Nong because he wanted to find an antidote to which he climbed passes and waded streams for many years, tried hundreds of herbs and accidentally discovered the tea tree has detoxifying effects. for the stomach. This is also the legend that has been preserved and passed down by history books.

Through many stages of improvement, tea gradually became more popular in life. Tea is used to detoxify, have a refreshing effect and help stimulate the mind. Favored by nature, the land of Asia grows delicious tea trees, and the creativity of farmers has created many high-class delicious teas for use in feasts, festivals and offerings to kings. Through each epoch, the delicious teas that are considered the best are recorded in history books and handed down to posterity.

Dragons and auspicious clouds are essential patterns of Vietnamese art culture. Therefore, Ngoc Thanh Son wants to use the color red, with a lucky cloud pattern in yellow imprinted with high-class gold foil material as a symbol of luck on our tea bag product, as a meaningful gift for customers of Ngoc Thanh Son Tea.

Clouds and dragons are essential patterns in Vietnamese culture

Endless inspirations of Ngoc Thanh Son Tea - Auspicious clouds, and color Red

This is a project of Tra Ngoc Thanh Son Tea carefully designed with passion. We invite you to take a look at this upcoming product!

Ngoc Thanh Son Tea hopes that this product line will soon be launched on the market in order to become an indispensable part of Vietnamese consumers' Lunar New Year holiday at the end of 2021!

- Executive Boards of Ngoc Thanh Son Tea


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