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Hanoi's Autumn in a fragrant cup of green tea & Cốm wrapped in Lotus leaves - Ngoc Thanh Son Tea

Today, August 7th, heaven and earth have entered 立秋 period, which is the first day of autumn.

The beginning of autumn is a special milestone when summer is over and autumn begins to come. The hot weather has started to decrease, the hot days are shorter, the weather is cooler. However, the weather has not yet turned to autumn, therefore the temperature is still high.

Somewhere around the corner, we've started to see the beginning of Hanoi's autumn, the most beautiful season of the year. A traditional and elegant pleasure to enjoy autumn in Hanoi for many people is picking up a small handful of Cốm (flattened and chewy green rice in Vietnamese Cuisine, with main ingredients from rice kernels), sipping with a cup of fragrant green tea. Many say this beautiful pleasure contains the longing feelings for the homeland of the expatriates. Nostalgia for Hanoi fits neatly in a green Cốm package, yet contains so much beautiful childhood memories.

"Cốm is not a gift for people in a hurry; eating Cốm must be eaten little by little, leisurely and thoughtfully. Only then will we realize that we have savored in that taste, the fragrant aroma of new rice, of wild flowers along the coast: in the green color of the green fields, the freshness of the young leaves, and in the sweetness of Cốm, the gentleness of the herbs, with the slightly fragrant smell of the old lotus leaves, marinating each grain of the Cốm one by one. We can still taste the warmth of summer days with each bite. We can say that Heaven gave birth to lotus leaves to cover Cốm, just like Heaven gave birth to Cốm lying in lotus leaves. When the girls of Vong village unwrap their delicacies, within each layer of lotus leaves, we see every grain of Cốm, clean, and pure, without the slightest bit of dust..." - Author Thach Lam, excerpted from Hanoi, 36 streets (1943).


We invite you to enjoy a cup of fragrant green tea and the taste of Cốm at the beginning of the autumn with Ngoc Thanh Son Tea!

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